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I know we have been baking a ton around here. So, let’s take a break and eat something out of the ordinary!

Welcome to “Try This Bakery” series where I am looking for interesting, extraordinary, and flavorful cupcakes around the world. For today’s trip, we’re traveling in the United States. So, Buckle up! Our first stop is in New York.

Caked Up, NY

Image by Caked Up

This bakery began as Denise’s dream and now everyone is talking about her desserts. They have cakes and cupcakes that can be made into one of their 90+ flavors! 90!! Oh, my goodness! Let me list a few of these flavors: banana streusel, blueberry cobbler, champagne, half baked, hostess, pumpkin cheesecake, and white chocolate peppermint. They even have cupcakes with little pancakes, waffles, and jelly donuts! How adorable and delicious!

Don’t get full yet because our next stop is… Maryland!

Sugar Vault Desserts, MD

Image by Sugar Vault Desserts

I remember coming across their bakery while working on a project and I was surprised to see the cupcakes they were selling! They top their cupcakes with pies, chicken, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and other goodies. I have seen on their social media that their cupcakes sell out quick! So, if you plan to go, get in line early. Huge side note: along with their cupcakes, they sell mouth-watering cinnamon rolls with various toppings such as peanut butter cups or pecans. Just a warning for anyone’s sweet tooth…

Get ready for the final stop… New Jersey!

Kara Kakes, NJ

Image by Kara Kakes

Kara started her bakery six years ago. The pictures of her cupcakes will have you drooling over your phone or computer! She offers flavors such as birthday martini, brownie smores, and cannoli. The bakery has everyday flavors of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and funfetti. Then the other fun flavors are on rotation throughout the year. One of Kara’s goals for her business is to ship her cupcakes to her followers. And I hope this goal becomes a reality because I want to try all of them!

All these bakeries have amazing gourmet cupcakes and I absolutely admire their creative cupcakes! Have you tried them before? If so, let me know in the comments!

As I keep researching for my school projects, I am beginning to notice more bakeries like these three show up in the U.S. If you know of a bakery that has interesting cupcakes and should be feature in the next “Try This Bakery” series, please let me know here!

Now excuse me while I plan a road trip to these bakeries.

– Courtney

Thank you so much for reading!

Check out: Caked Up, Sugar Vault Desserts, Kara Kakes

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