Baking Challenge: Cupcake Flavors

Grab a cupcake and a tasty beverage and let’s brainstorm for a moment.

Have you ever scrolled on social media and saw mac & cheese on a cupcake? How did someone even come up with that idea? Thinking of a cupcake flavor can be daunting. Where do you even start? How many cupcake flavors are already out there? I believe the easiest way to start is thinking of a subject then think of a memory associated with it. And the baking doesn’t have to be super complicated. You are more than welcome to use boxed cake mix or fresh ingredients if you’re feeling adventurous. If you want a new baking project, I thought of 8 baking challenges to help you bake something out of the ordinary.

Make a cupcake…

That resembles a dessert from your childhood

What is the one dessert (whether homemade or not) that will always remind you of your childhood? Was it tiramisu? Pie? A flavor of ice cream? A Little Debbie cake? My dessert is definitely honey buns. I LOVE Little Debbie honey buns. My parents always bought them for lunch or just to have around the house (they would never last long!). If I could make honeybuns into cupcakes, I probably would eat 12 or even 24 cupcakes!

With your favorite chip (or crunchy snack)

Another way to experiment with the classic sweet-salty flavor is to use chips. I have seen recipes that use plain potato chips and chocolate for a cupcake. People have made Hot Cheeto cupcakes and Mountain Dew cupcakes with Doritos. I would experiment with white cheddar popcorn or cheddar pretzels.

With a type of cookie dough

When I was scrolling through Pinterest, I found chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. First of all, yes!! There was fluffy icing and a gooey edible dough center. I tried to look for more cookie dough flavors, but it was only chocolate chip. Then I thought a good baking challenge would be making another flavor of edible cookie dough into a cupcake. For example: snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, or peanut butter.  Little backstory, but I remember selling cookie dough in middle school to raise money. I don’t remember what the money was for, but I do remember one of the flavors was “cool lemon” or something similar. And I don’t know about you, but a lemon cupcake with white chocolate lemon cookie dough sounds amazing right now.

Image by Blandine Joannic from Pixabay

That is your favorite drink

I have already seen some drinks as cupcake flavors such as Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Chai Tea Latte. Even alcoholic drinks such as margaritas, sangrias, and Rumchata have been turned into boozy cupcakes. If your favorite drink is water, I want to see you attempt to create a clear cupcake! I remember watching someone make clear bruschetta on Tik Tok (a video sharing app) and that was really interesting! I would experiment with sweet tea or a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.

 That reminds you of summer

I believe it’s safe to assume that everyone has one thing that reminds them of summer. Maybe your family always took a trip to Disney World or went camping. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of summer is Fourth of July. My family would have a day full of grilling hamburgers, celebrating my grandmother’s birthday, and watching fireworks from our backyard. One tradition we had was drinking A & W Root beer while watching fireworks. Out of those memories, a root beer flavored cupcake with pop rocks sounds like an interesting cupcake to experiment.

For your favorite holiday

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Have you ever had an Irish Cream cupcake? Easter is also coming up and you could make a Cadbury crème egg cupcake. What about a Thanksgiving flavored cupcake? I saw a cranberry sauce stuffed dark chocolate cupcake and a sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow frosting on Pinterest. Talk about a conversation starter at dinner with those cupcakes! My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day because there’s ton of pink and I use the day to celebrate the people I love in my life. I know there are tons of Valentine’s Day cupcakes, so I think it would be fun to experiment with different cocktails someone would have that day.

Image by MissSuki from Pixabay

That resembles your favorite movie or tv show

Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and wished you could taste the imaginary food? That is me ALL the time! My favorite tv show is Spongebob Squarepants and the most iconic food item is the Krabby Patty. I think a Krabby Patty cupcake could go two ways. A sweet version based on the gummy candy or a savory version based on crab meat as the main ingredient.

With your favorite food

I haven’t seen many savory cupcakes except for ones with fried chicken or bacon on top. How cool would it be to have your favorite food as a cupcake? My favorite food is pizza and the only pizza cupcake I have seen was placing pizza dough in cupcake tins, with sauce, toppings and sticking it into the oven. I think most of the pizza flavor would be in the icing or have a gooey center like a lava cake.

I’m starting to see more creative bakers and their cupcakes show up on my Instagram. And I’m constantly amazed at the creativity of their flavors! For example: funfetti cinnamon roll, hot chocolate cookie dough, strawberry danish, rocky road, and brownie s’mores. This makes me wonder if there is a limit to how many flavors can be transformed into a cupcake. That is what I want to find out through The Cupcake Lab. What is one food that you think should never be turned into a cupcake? I think fish should never be turned into a cupcake. If you figure out how to make a savory cupcake with fish, I would love to see it!

If you me want to experiment with any of the cupcake flavors you thought of, please send it to me here! And don’t forget that I’m pinning new cupcakes to Pinterest every day!

I hope you had fun brainstorming for your next baking project.

Thank you for reading!

– Courtney

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