Sweet Tea Cupcakes

sweet tea cupcakes

A glass of sweet tea is always refreshing on a hot day. Instead of making a pitcher of tea, let’s make some cupcakes!

Welcome to another cupcake review! Today I have a very special guest helping me in the lab. Can I get a drum roll please?

This is Molly! She is a great, amazing, wonderful, kind, incredible, caring, cheerful, encouraging and most of all, a sweet friend of mine. She has an amazing blog called Sweet Tea Sippin’ for all types of amazing and powerful southern women.

I know I always say this, but I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw a recipe for sweet tea cupcakes. And I thought this was too perfect for a collab! So, let me take you through the recipe provided by Food Network.

Ingredients for 6 cupcakes:

lemon fruit


¾ cup of flour (I used self-rising)

½ cup of white sugar

Pinch of Salt

½ tsp of Baking soda

1 egg

6 – 10 tbsp of Whole Milk

5 black tea bags

1 tsp of Vanilla extract

Buttercream Icing

1 stick of softened butter

1 cup of powdered/icing sugar

Zest of half a lemon

We followed the instructions on the website while laughing and jamming to music on the radio.  We made the executive decision to add more milk because it wasn’t enough to create a batter after steeping the tea. Then Molly made the lemon buttercream icing and we piped the cupcakes!

Now for the best part… the taste test!

baking recipe

The first element of the cupcakes we noticed was the faint lemon flavor in the icing. We both thought it was the perfect amount of lemon. As far as the cupcake, it tasted like a regular cupcake. The sweet tea element wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be. And I wonder if steeping the tea in water instead of milk would have helped the flavor. Other than that, it was a sweet, moist, and fluffy cupcake that tasted like brown sugar.

There are so many cupcake flavors that people have created, and I would not have found this flavor if I wasn’t on Pinterest.

If you want me to make more cupcakes from Pinterest, you can let me know here! If you need a sweet and salty cupcake, check out the maple bacon cupcake recipe here.

Molly, I had so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

I definitely recommend making an interesting cupcake with your friends.

Thank you so much for reading!

– Courtney

Go check out Molly’s blog here! She has done blogs on life advice, tea rooms, and southern fashion.

Click here for the original sweet tea cupcake recipe.

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  1. Wow never heard of this flavour before! Looks yummy!

  2. These sound so yummy! I will def be trying these!

  3. They sound so good! will definitely be trying them.

  4. These sound delicious!

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