Cake Batter Dip

Welcome to the very first cupcake hack! Today, we can skip the oven and eat the cake batter. That’s right, you read that correctly. Let’s make some funfetti cake batter!

One day, I was doing some research on other ways to use cake mix. I already knew a few ways, but how many ways were already out there on the internet? Then I thought, how cool would it be to eat cake as a dip? I knew people really enjoy eating raw cookie dough and there were even businesses selling it. I am not sure how many people enjoy eating raw cake batter. I just remember my family and I licking the bowl after my mom was finished making the cake batter and being worried about salmonella.

Well, if eating cake batter is your thing then you don’t have to worry about that here. A lovely lady named Shawn created a cheesecake batter dip! Her blog is called “I Wash You Dry” and you can find more simple recipes there.

This recipe made more than enough dip and I would recommend cutting this recipe in half.

8 oz package of softened cream cheese

½ cup of sour cream

½ cup of white cake mix

1 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ cup sprinkles

Following the instructions, I beat the cream cheese until it was nice and fluffy. Then added the remaining ingredients until it was all incorporated.

This recipe was super simple and quick! It made approximately 2 cups of dip.

Now for the best part… the taste test!

Shawn recommended using graham crackers or fresh fruit for dipping. I tasted it right after I made it and it was exactly like cake batter ready for the oven! The flavor of the white mix was not overpowering, and the dip wasn’t extremely sweet.

Then I tasted it after being refrigerated for a day or so. Of course, the consistency was thicker because ingredients such as the cream cheese was cold again. Other than the consistency, the taste and sweetness remained the same and it was absolutely delicious.

If want to experience eating cake batter, I would definitely recommend eating it right after you make it!

This was fun to make, and I can’t wait for you to see the other ways you can use cake mix!

Definitely let me know if you tried this recipe on Instagram or Facebook! And if you have a cupcake hack that you want me to post a blog about, you can always contact me here!

For now, go eat some cake and thank you so much for reading!

– Courtney

Check out Shawn’s blog for simple recipes and more here!

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