Helpful Baking Essentials

helpful baking essential

I know it can be tempting to buy the entire baking isle, but these baking essentials are what you need to have in your kitchen right now!

Cooling Racks

No one wants to have a soggy or even over cooked cupcake! Having a cooling rack will allow air to circulate under your baked goods (such as cupcakes) and prevent condensation from forming. When you leave cupcakes in the pan, they will continue to cook and get hard.

Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder

You will always be able to make some white or vanilla cupcakes with these dry ingredients in your kitchen! You could even make cookies or bread! The wet ingredients would include milk, butter/oil, and eggs. Having a bag of powdered/icing sugar would be handy as well. All you would need is butter or cream cheese to make icing or some milk to make a glaze. Other fun ingredients to have on hand is chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles!

Piping Bags & Tips

These items are helpful for icing a cupcake! They are also helpful for filling cupcakes with whatever you need or drizzling a sauce over something. I love using disposable bags because it is frustrating cleaning a reusable one.

Cupcake, Sheet & Loaf Pans

Cupcake pans are probably the most important for making cupcakes or muffins! Plus, they come in different sizes and there are other sweet ways you could use cupcake pans for. For example, making mini pies or cheesecake. If you love making banana bread (or pumpkin bread) like I do, I highly suggest getting a loaf pan as well. Sheet pans are essentially for baking desserts such as cookies and scones.

Hand Mixer & Whisk

Both are helpful tools for mixing! Quick story: Before the shift of my on-campus job, my supervisor asked all the student workers what their favorite kitchen utensil was. I said the whisk because you can have more speeds than a hand mixer. Ha-ha! Anyway, I like to use a whisk for small things I need to mix such as a small batch of cupcakes. The hand mixer is better for bigger batches of cupcakes and making the icing whether it’s buttercream or cream cheese. You can also use a stand mixer if you’d like, but hand mixers are a great alternative for beginner bakers. Plus, they aren’t expensive!

baking whisk
Image by Katerina Holmes


You don’t need too many of these, but they are helpful when you need a bowl for the icing, cupcake batter, and sweet filings just as caramel. Three or four bowls that are different sizes would be enough. They can be glass, metal, or plastic! Having a glass bowl would be helpful when a recipe calls for a double boiler.

Mixing Utensils

My second favorite kitchen utensil is the rubber spatula. It makes scraping the mixing bowls of icing and cake batter much easier. Ensuring that every drop is used!

Measuring Cups

You definitely need these in order to make the recipe correctly! There are two types of measuring cups: one for dry ingredients and the other for wet ingredients. Yes, you could use them interchangeably, but people advice using the correct measuring cup for ease of measurement. There were times that I used a measuring cup for dry ingredients to pour milk into recipe and spilled it on the way to the bowl! Also, when you measure dry ingredients, make sure to over fill the measure cup and then level it with a butter knife. This will ensure you have the most accurate measurement than scooping and shaking off the excess.

Pastry Brush

This item is helpful for spreading glazes, sauces, butter, and egg wash onto your desserts. I have a silicone brush that can be used for high-heat applications such as butter. Pastry brushes with the fine bristles should avoid high heat and anything that has a strong odor because the will stay on the bristles even are washing.

Parchment Paper or Silicone Baking Mat

These items help with keeping your baked goods from sticking. Silicone baking mats can be washed and reused, but parchment paper cannot. Even if you don’t make baked goods on a baking sheet, you can use the silicone mat to make toppings for other desserts! For example, melt chocolate with a double boiler then pour into a piping bag (or Ziploc bag). Then pip your designs on a sheet of parchment paper or a silicone baking mat and let it cool in the fridge.

Here's an easy way to make chocolate filigree hearts. These would make the cutest cupcake toppers!
Image by One Little Project

Cupcake Baking Cups

This is one of my favorite items to pick in the baking isle! There are so many colors and prints to choose from. They make a cupcake look amazing and they can match the theme of your cupcakes. For my blue raspberry cupcake experiment, I was so excited to use my dark blue baking cups! Also, my confetti baking cups matched my taco cupcake theme! If you want a sturdier baking cup, I suggest using aluminum ones instead of paper.

Kitchen Scissors

Having designated scissors for the kitchen is a must! It makes opening boxes and other packaging easier to open. I can’t tell you how many times I have used a knife to open something and almost injured myself!

I use these items every time I plan to make something. Therefore, I hope you feel better prepared to walk down the baking isle and know what you need to get started. Then you won’t have to worry about making a quick trip to the store when you want cupcakes, cookies, and other delicious baked goods.

How many of these items do you have already? If you’re missing some on this list, you can also purchase through stores such as Amazon, Michaels, Joann’s, HomeGoods, and Dollar Tree.

If there are any baking essentials that need to be in this list, you can always contact me and let me know here! And if you want to show off your baking knowledge and treats in one of my blogs, fill out this request form here!

If you want to learn some baking techniques to elevate your baking skills, click here.

Thank you so much for reading!

– Courtney

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