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A few months ago, I made cinnamon roll cupcakes for one of my business classes. And long story short, it took a few tries to get it right. I thought I would be done trying new cupcake recipes after that experience. But once I tried the cream cheese frosting with the cinnamon-sugar swirl, I was hooked. Then I thought about what other flavors bakers have turned into cupcakes. Even better, I thought about what I could bake that was out of the ordinary.

Welcome to The Cupcake Lab.

My goal is to inspire you to pick up a whisk (or at least turn on the stand mixer) and bake not only for loved ones, but yourself. I also want to inspire you to bake something that isn’t normal for you. You will never know what you could be obsessed with making if you never attempt to venture into the wonderful world of cupcakes.

Now, let me walk you through the blog categories.

Cupcake Review

This category is where I give Baker Highlights and review bakers’ cupcake recipes. Want to know how a recipe is going to turn out without even baking it? Well, this category is for you.


The majority of this category is where I make my own cupcake flavors and see how they turn out. This category will also feature bakeries that are creating cupcake flavors and baking challenges where you can experiment in your own kitchen.

Cupcake Hacks

This category is where I share different ways to use cake mix. Definitely the way to go if you’re not up to the challenge of eating 24, 12, or even 6 cupcakes. This category will also showcase easier methods to make cupcakes.

Baking Basics

This category is where I share simple dessert recipes (ex: cookies, mini cheesecake, and banana bread) and simple baking tips to get started. This is where the “and more!” part of the blog comes in.

This is the blog to get the creative juices flowing! Anyone can bake, and everyone has a starting point. The easiest way to get started is to make something you enjoy eating. What are you going to make that isn’t normal for you?

One final note: This blog is a project that lasts for six weeks. After that time period, I will most likely be preparing for finals in my last year at Belmont University. So, please don’t be alarmed when the posts stop! After the project is over, I can choose whether or not I want to keep this website running. And I will update you when the time comes!

For now, if you are ready to get flour on the counter and frosting stuck to your fingertips, then subscribe for your weekly baking inspiration. If you have a cupcake flavor in mind, I would love to hear about it! And I would love the honor of featuring you and your baking creations in my blog. Let’s grow a community of bakers who are ready to grow in creativity, learn from others, and have fun.

– Courtney

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  1. Love this blog, Courtney! I honestly can’t wait to start trying some of the recipes that you include on here! I think I’ll subscribe NOW!

    Your #1 FAN👍🏽😁❤❤❤

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